Once upon a time… not so long ago

There was A man….

And he had a “DREAM” …

BIG one…

And he did it

Congratulation…his dream is “live and kicking”

And now its the time to put it on the net

And for that he needed a “WEBSITE”

To be or not to be…seen

The competition on the web is hard
there is hardly place for second place
your goal is to make sure you are going to be there… and first

SEO -Search engine optimization

Its all about the content and structure of your website.
optimized interaction with both users and search engines is the most important thing.
websites built using the latest technology and W3C-compliant code plus all the tips & tricks from google
ashure themselves to be search engine friendly thos viable and visible on the net

Responsive web design

You want your website to be suitable for all users on all devices so everybody can see it anywhere
how it should be done…?
for mobile its best using the smallest size, only the most important stuff, to build a website that will load fast and will provide all the information needed and still look very good.
i keep all the fun and interaction for desktop where i can express myself and be extra creative.

Landing page

landing page is where your visitors get the first impresions
we want them to be surprised, amused, couriers…
we want them to stay and look for more
we want to draw their attention to what we want them to see
there are some good ways to do it…
video BG, animation, interaction, beautiful photos, call for action…

CMS -content management system

other then the front page you might want some more pages
the “About” page, “Gallery”, estore or whatever where all the rest of your content goes
and you would like to update upload or refresh the content from time to time without the need to pay somebody for every little things
no problems…your website is build on wordpress platform so you can easily do what you want with the content
start a blog upload photos and much more

Well… thats it for now

if you liked what you’ve seen
and you need a website
i would be more than happy to build you one
just send me a mail